Euchre Tournament is a desktop application used for hosting a euchre tournament. The software manages scoring and creates schedules for each player so that each player plays with every other player exactly once.


  • NEW Euchre Tournament now supports tournaments of 4, 8, 12, 16...up to 64 players.
  • Setting up a tournament is very simple. Simply select the number of players and enter their names and the name of the tournament. From there the software will dynamically create 2 team match ups for each round such that each player plays with each other player in the tournament exactly once.
  • Euchre Tournament can optionally produce a PDF document containing scorecards for each player that tell who their partner is, what table they play at, and who their opponents are each round.
  • Scores are entered into a data table, which automatically updates the scores of other players.
  • During tournament play, real time scoring shows the current ranking of each player along with their total and average score.
  • Euchre Tournament has an auto-save feature that saves the tournament after each score is added. If there was a crash or power outage, the tournament can easily be reloaded.