What is Euchre?

Euchre is a popular card game, especially in the midwestern United States. Traditionally, each game of euchre is a 4 person match consisting of two teams of two players, which face off until one team gets 10 points. The full rules can be found on Wikipedia.

What is a Euchre Tournament

A euchre tournament is just an extension of the euchre game itself in which rather than only having four players, there is a multiple of four players and there are multiple rounds. The winner is decided by totalling players' scores over all the rounds of the tournament, and the highest total wins. While there are many variations on how to select partners in a euchre tournament, this software creates schedules for each player so that they play with each other player exactly once.

What is the Euchre Tournament Software?

Euchre Tournament is a desktop application used for hosting a euchre tournament. Using this software, the host selects the number of players, enters the names of the players, and the software sets up the euchre tournament from there. This software takes the hassle out of trying to manually create fair schedules when hosting a tournament; a PDF document containing a schedule for each player, denoting who their partner is, who their opponents are, and what table they play at each round can be created at the start of the tournament. As the tournament progresses, players enter their scores into a score table and the software then updates their total score and their partners total score, and also offers some fun performance metrics for each player, such as average score per round.

Euchre Tournament is an open source project, and so it is distributed freely. It is platform independent, but there is currenly only an installer available for Microsoft Windows

What the Euchre Tournament Software IS NOT

Euchre Tournament is not an online card game. No games are actually played with the software. It simply facilitates the setup and managing of a euchre tournament.